We use the best algorithms and Machine Learning to identify bots and other unwanted traffic. Updated in real time.
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It works perfectly with any traffic source: Facebook, Yandex, MT, Tiktok and any other advertising platform.
Multiple filters to filter traffic. All types of integration PHP, Javascript, Webview, iOS, Android, Wordpress. We use the most popular methods of uploading content: without redirects, redirects, iframe.
Detailed statistics for each click. The ability to create your own Black List. Integration with Website builders, wordpress & etc.
Programming skills are not required. Setup in 2 minutes. Our service is cloud, you do not need to buy your server and install our soft
Protect your site from bots, spy services, competitors and any unwanted traffic with our powerful and flexible traffic filtering platform
Regular discounts. Unlimited clicks.
From $60 per month for monthly plans
From $30 per month for annual plans